There is now a $1500 incentive to get new players to join the cosmos. Post about the server anywhere and everywhere. I really would like new players joining this summer. The more players the more fun. More info on advertise link on the top bar.

Retrieving resources from old towns

A town is never considered old until a mod or admin checks it out- only if they says yes, and only then can you start gathering resources from it. Never assume a town is old because it has no protection. If you do not follow this you will be banned.


The peaceful End and Nether realms have been reset.

  • The Nether has been reset due to requests for reloading the chunks with Quartz.
  • The End was reset in conjunction with the Nether.
  • The surface world remains unchanged.

You will be able to find Quartz easily, and access the End with /warp End rather than locating a stronghold.



Server update

Recently, Cosmos has undergone some changes regarding the economy:

  • The shop plugin has been replaced with ChestShops
  • NPCs are unavailable (at the moment).
  • Shops will only buy farm produce that cannot be auto-harvested (Cacti/Sugarcanes)
  • Shops will sell certain items that cannot be obtained in normal survival gameplay.

Cosmos originally intended on full player-interactions; we believe these changes will slowly change the atmosphere of the survival gameplay.

Cosmos updated to 1.5

Server is now updated to 1.5; Only the Citizens plugin is not updated, so we will move continue without it. Citizens has also been giving a lot of problems regarding trading, so we’ll be looking for a new trading/economy system soon.

1.5 minecraft update

Server will be updated as soon as possible. It will update when a version of bukkit compatible with 1.5 is released. I will most likely wait until a beta version is posted. you can check at for when a version is released. If you would like to play now and accidently updated go to:

and replace your jar with this one.


This is a new feature for the server. You can see the entire map now by going to This is a map that will update and show the players at real-time. Check it out now!


Im pleased to announce the server has been upgraded from one GB of ram to 1.5 GB ram. I have increased sever size from 20 to 25.

Whats going on now

Right now the servers fairly stable and im looking for new plugins to make the server more fun. i shall also be upgrading soon and adding more ram. if you alos have any suggestions on what the server should have next leave a comment on this post. e.g. more adventure maps, a special plugin, a new world, what should happen next?

new things happening

the server will now have 3 gamemodes creative peaceful survival and hardcore survival.
creative will stay the same as it was, peaceful will use the towny plugin to organize towns and add more economy based feeling to peaceful. hardcore will have factions (not enabled yet because it will reset protections on paeceful while im switching from factions to towny). factions will make it so enemied factions can break your base and steal while your online to add more pvp into hardcore. hardcore will also have monster hunt. to hunt for most monsters- winner get diamond.

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